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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

G. C. Berkouwer: "Seeking and Finding"

Berkouwer was a prolific writer. In 1990, at the age of 86, his largest book was published, Zoeken en vinden 

(Seeking and Finding). 

In that volume Berkouwer narrated a number of memories and experiences from more than seventy years of theological 


The professor of dogmatics was himself one of the main characters in this book. 
In this volume, Berkouwer analyzed the struggle within the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands which led to a church split during World War II. Berkouwer was president of the GKN general synod which met off and on from 1943 until 1945 -- the synod which deposed Dr. Klaas Schilder, Dr. S. Greijdanus, and numerous other officebearers. In later years, Berkouwer gradually reached the conclusion that the successive synods held throughout those years had really backed those opposed to the synodical decisions into a corner. Looking back across the distance of several decades, Berkouwer felt that the synod at which he himself presided should have done things differently.
Berkouwer stimulated among many of his students a love for theology. A total of forty-two students
obtained their doctorates under his sponsorship and guidance. From this group, several became teachers
 of theology themselves. In 1971 Dr. G.W. de Jong obtained his doctorate from the John Calvin Academy in 
Kampen with a dissertation about Berkouwer's theology.
Berkouwer was born in The Hague and raised in Zaandam, but his fame spread around the world by means of
 his many publications. In 1932 he obtained his doctorate from the Free University, with a dissertation 
entitled Geloof en 
Openbaring in de nieuwe Duitse theologie (Faith and Revelation in Recent World War and Theology, 1945), Conflict met Rome (Conflict With Rome, 1948), German Theology). In addition he wrote, among other works, Karl Barth (1936),
Het probleem der Schriftkritiek (The Problem of Scripture Criticism, 1936), Wereldoorlog en theologie (De triomf der genade in de theologie van Karl Barth (The Triumph of Grace in the Theology of Karl Barth, 1954), and Vaticaans Concilie en de nieuwe theologie (The Second Vatican Council and Recent Theology).In 1949 the first volume of his eighteen-volume Studies in Dogmatics appeared in the Netherlands. Berkouwer was a well-known theologian beyond the Netherlands as well. A large number of his books have been translated into English and published in North America. 
Berkouwer participated in various international projects. In 1962, he was an observer at the Second 
Vatican Council in Rome.
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