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"It is surely ours to combine these elements of mourning for sin and joy in our salvation in one complex and composite experience which keeps us perpetually humble and yet perpetually joyful too."— Rev William Still

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Berkouwer, Barth and Brunner: A Discussion of General Revelation and Natural Theology

In his book, 'General Revelation', Berkouwer rejects natural theology while affirming the doctrines of general revelation & common grace. He places himself between Barth & Brunner. Barth rejects both general revelation & natural theology. Brunner teaches both general revelation and natural theology.
In connection with common grace, here are two important observations made by Berkouwer: (i) 'grace is at work even in fallen man ... common grace is constantly at work "to bend partially back in the right direction those human powers and endowments which were man left to himself would be wholly perverted'.
(ii) 'common grace ... an imperfect solution ... does centre our attention on the gracious act of God in protecting man's corrupt and apostate nature from total demonization' (Man: The Image of God, pp.153-154, 169).

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