G C Berkouwer, “A Half Century of Theology”

In my book on Berkouwer ("The Problem of Polarization: An Approach based on the writings of G C Berkouwer"), I wrote quite a bit about his book, “A Half Century of Theology.” I focused on what he had to say about apologetics and social concern. The discussion ranged quite widely,drawing upon passages from all over the book.
At the outset of this discussion, I made the point that a study of Berkouwer’s theology would be incomplete without any detailed discussion of this late work, ‘A Half Century of Theology’ (Dutch, 1974; English, 1977).
This is the way in which I introduced the discussion.
“This discussion of Berkouwer’s appreciative analysis of apologetics and social concern focuses attention on his later work, ‘A Half Century of Theology.’ Having ‘personally experienced this half-century of theology… as a continuing event’ (p. 7), Berkouwer discusses today’s questions in its light: ‘even at the beginning questions were being raised and answered that are still nagging us today… That we are wrestling today with questions put on the agenda a half-century ago commends modesty in our address to today’s challenge. But it may also encourage us to accept that challenge with a curiosity aroused by that which is truly new, the gospel of Jesus Christ who makes all things new, the gospel which theology is dedicated to understand and translate for our generation’ (p. 9). Modesty and curiosity are important elements in theology’s development. Both a willingness to learn from the past and a readiness to face the future are required.” (”The Problem of Polarization: An Approach based on the writings of G C Berkouwer”, p. 246).