The Authority of God

"Authority ... cannot be a darksome power that compels us to subject ourselves without reason" (A Half Century of Theology, p. 158).
Berkouwer insists that the authority of God is unlike what is usually meant by "external authority" (A Half Century of Theology, p. 159). He emphasizes that the authority of God brings "perspective, joy and hope" (A Half Century of Theology, p. 159).
Berkouwer emphasizes the need for a correct understanding of the true nature of authority. He warns against getting "caught up in an emotional reaction against such phrases as 'believing on authority', insisting that '(e)verything depends on the character of the authority and the character of believing" (A Half Century of Theology, p. 159).
The authority of God, as understood by Berkouwer, is " ... not ... an arbitrary, external authority" (Holy Scripture, p. 349), demanding "blind obedience" (Holy Scripture, p.350).
He views the authority of God as "a wooing and conquering authority" (Holy Scripture, p. 349), the acceptance of which "occurs with joy and willingness" in the context of Christ's redemption (Holy Scripture, p. 350).

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