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Berkouwer and Barth on Universalism

Theological Connections between G. C. Berkouwer and Herman Bavinck: Berkouwer’s Critique of Barth’s Anthropology and Christology

Berkouwer and Barth: The Nature of Truth

Theological Connections between G. C. Berkouwer and Herman Bavinck: Understanding the Idea of Predestination

Marx’s Call for a World-Changing Philosophy: Herbert Marcuse’s Concept of Liberation

First Things First

Does God have a special purpose for you? Is He preparing you for something special?

How are we to pray?

Moses didn't realize that his face was shining - but the people saw that his face was shining!

Redeemed, grateful and obedient

The glory of God's holiness ... and the glory of His love

From the Heart Of The Law ... A Word Of Love ...

God is with us - even when things seem to be going from bad to worse!

God has been there for us in the past - and He will be there for us in the future.

Joyful worship ... looking back and looking forward

Salvation and the assurance of salvation

Something For "A Cloudy And Dark Day"

Human sin and divine grace

God is calling us to make a new beginning with Him.

We worship God in the place of worship ... Our worship must not end there ...

More than food ...

God’s salvation covers our past, present and future.

The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.


Things are not always as they seem ...

When life is hard ...

What does the Lord require of us?

God's Word is a bright shining light.

Listening To The Word Of The Lord - And Being Changed By The Word Of The Lord

Lord, help us to love You ...